ict jobs in kenya

ict jobs in kenya

ict jobs in kenya

Working in IT is especially suited to those who are savvy with computers and natural problem solvers. It is also a career path that continues to grow with competitive salaries and opportunities for advancement. That being said, securing a ict jobs in kenya without any related experience can be challenging.

What is an ICT job?

Working in ict in kenya can mean any number of computer-related tasks related to computer software, hardware, data storage and management and technical support. You may work to install, maintain and fix computer issues or create new programs or applications to meet an organization’s needs. IT professionals also ensure a company’s data is safe and secure, identifying potential threats, troubleshooting problems and recommending appropriate software. Some IT employees monitor daily technological operations within an organization while others may work in computer science research

The knowledge required for these ict jobs in kenya can be quite sophisticated so some education will likely be expected. That said, Education and experience requirements will vary by company and position. For example, entry-level roles may not require formal education, but research and management jobs may require a master’s degree. Some IT jobs include

  • Web developers

  • Computer programmers

  • Security

  • Computer system analyst

  • Network engineer

  • Software engineer

ict jobs in kenya

How to get an ict jobs in kenya

To break into a skilled industry, you have to start somewhere. But how do you prove yourself when you haven’t yet earned experience on paper? Here are the ways you can find an ict jobs in kenya with no experience:

  • Know the space.
  • Polish relevant IT skills
  • Get a certification.
  • Build your experience
  • Network.
  • Look for entry-level position
  • Polish your interview skills

6 Ways to Gain IT Experience and Break Through

  • Do it yourself
  • Earn professional certifications
  • Volunteer your services
  • Seek out internship opportunities
  • Network, network, network!
  • Get educated